What Is SCIO

The Strategic Clinical Innovation Organization (SCIO) concept provides strategy and roadmap for cost-efficiency and risk management in clinical trials from pre-clinical to market.

The SCIO concept involves the creation of a product specific clinical/regulatory strategy as part of the IND or IDE and before clinical tactics activities starts. 

The Problems You Are Facing are The Problems We Are Solving

The ever-changing regulatory environment; the need for cost-effective clinical research; the focus on patient-centric trial design, cost-accessible biosimilars, more rare disease drugs, high-tech medical device, combination products, and precision medicine demand a new paradigm for tackling new challenges and the unmet needs of  health care .


The SCIO concept is the value proposition solution for cost-effectiveness and risk management in clinical development. 

The SCIO Concept

Adopt the SCIO concept for:

1. Design-centric trials

2. Patient-centricity

3. Simplified trials

4. Streamlined development plan