Jay Schwartz, Ph.D.

CEO & Chairman at AcuityBio, Inc.

    Dr. Fratazzi is experienced, well informed, hard working, is very effective in identifying and keeping focus on critical issues. She has worked with me on our successful oncology combination product Orphan Drug designation as well as helped plan our clinical development program.I have worked with many clinical research and regulatory consultants over the years. She is among the best that I have worked with and would recommend her without reservation to any organization planning to pursue Orphan Drug development!

December 5, 2014, Jay was Candida’s client

Christopher Macomber M.D./M.B.A

Founder/CMO of UV Technologies LLC.

    BBCR has been helping with our startup company for approximately two years now. As a start-up med tech company, we have a challenging clinical research/regulatory pathway to navigate and limited resources to plan and execute with. They have continually provided excellent advice and help, have always been readily available to address urgent issues, have worked hard to accommodate our tough schedule and have remained supportive and beneficial during our long and at times frustrating start-up phase. We are close to starting our first clinical study, which has benefited from their vast experience and the excellent advice of Dr. Fratazzi. Given our experience with them thus far, we have begun to engage them in the design, set-up and execution of our second and larger pivotal study in the coming year. I have frequently recommended them for any type of med tech or Pharma Company seeking guidance on their clinical pathways, particularly companies with technology or science posing difficult or uncharted regulatory territory. They are a great extension of our team and we look forward to working them for foreseeable future on all of our clinical research needs.

June 11, 2014, Chris was a BBCR Consulting’s client

Christa Bleyleben

Managing Partner at MassGlobal Partners

    I have known Candida and have worked with her for many years – as colleagues at the Cambridge Innovation Center, as well as partnering in several projects. Candida is a true visionary in clinical research and excels in problem solving by offering novel and realistic solutions to often complex challenges, resulting in highly effective, yet cost efficient outcomes for her clients. I have also always been impressed by her ability to seamlessly work with very diversified teams. Candida is a great asset to any company interested in innovative approaches to clinical research and I can highly recommend to partner with her.

October 17, 2013, Christa was with another company when working with Candida at BBCR Consulting

Jess Rabourn, CFA

Managing Director, ALS Emergency Treatment Fund

    Dr. Fratazzi brings a track record of success developing treatments for rare diseases. It was this background and her specific expertise in trial design and regulatory affairs that made her the perfect fit for our pharmaceutical licensing platform, where she has served as a board member and medical officer. I strongly recommend Dr. Fratazzi for her innovative approach to clinical development strategies.

January 8, 2016. Jess was a BBCR Consulting client

Jaime Uribe

Director of Biotechnology at Probiomed

    Dr. Candida Fratazzi has provided guidance and support on the design, development, and supervision of the clinical and non-clinical strategy for several of our products, encompassing the therapeutic areas of oncology and rheumatology. She has provided her knowledge and expertise primarily on the Regulatory and Clinical requirements, but she has supported us on a variety of topics concerning the Medical Direction of Probiomed.
    I strongly recommend Candida for her integrity, excellence, and high appreciation of project’s needs as well as for providing strategic solutions that are innovative and sustainable.

Feburary 10, 2016. Jaime is a BBCR Consulting client

Maria Roche NP

Medical Director, Clinical Research

    Dear Candida,I want to thank you for your efforts here at Epizyme helping us evaluate our pharmacovigilance needs. You provided useful insights into how to operationalize pharmacovigilance activities as our clinical program rapidly expands. Your depth of experience in both clinical and PV provided an important perspective as we integrate the safety of all our programs into a unified databases. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to future collaboration.

August 1, 2016, Maria was a BBCR Consulting client