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We are Boston Biotech Clinical Research. We work with biotech, pharmaceutical, and device companies to develop clinical/regulatory road-map consisting with simplified clinical programs, streamlined protocols, and cost-effective trials. Our experienced team provides innovative strategies that meet your goals.

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BBCR Consulting Method

Process-Map-NewWe are the Strategic Clinical Innovation Experts. BBCR has standardized a proprietary process that consistently delivers quality service to clients. The final delieverables inculding a clinical roadmap and a clinical strategy that help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve cost-effective clinical trials.


SCIO concept provides you an edge and advantages to compete with less cost and an early access to market

Flexible Road-Map

Successful clinical development, for drug and medical device companies (small and large), requires an early strategy with a flexible road-map that makes it actionable and sustainable.

Robust Clinical Data

Customized Strategy and Road-Map allow for robust clinical data generation andĀ informed decision-making.

Visualize Goals

Goals’ visualization is essential to risk management and pre-empt challenges.

The BBCR team identify innovative solutions andĀ strategies thanks to their scientific, medical, regulatory and clinical research background.

Cost-Effective Trials

A customized clinical/regulatory strategy, road-map and continuity plan pave the way for cost-effective trials. Patient-centricity is strictly connected with design-centric trial as key components for risk management.